Feb 15, 2012

year 1

today marks the first year anniversary of my little blog. i'm quite proud of myself to have stuck to posting throughout the last year. sometimes daily, sometimes less regularly. but still - i'm one of the least disciplined people on earth so having something going for such a long time is big for me :). one year ago things happened in my life which completely broke me. and in a desperate attempt to somehow keep on breathing i tried to focus on the small, even the tiniest things that make life a little bit better, more beautiful, worth living. and then this blog was born. i made it my personal goal to write down 3 things every day that make me happy. and what started out from raw, naked, pure desparation became a habit and turned out to be life changing. since focusing on all the beauty surrounding me i am as content as i've never been before in my whole life. i'm not happy all the time. i don't live in cotton candy land. but i've learned that life is truly beautiful because there's so much beauty in the everyday. you just have to look for it.

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